PitchFix PickCup ( 20 Pieces )


Facilitate Safe Golf with PickCup!

The invention of PickCup is in large part a result of the new R&A and USGA rule that the flagstick can remain in the hole while putting a ball that’s on the green. 

PickCup improves speed of play, eliminates damage to the edge of the hole, reduces the need for new pin placements and eliminates the requirement to bend over to retrieve your ball.

Many golfers, when removing the ball from the cup, will insert their hand or putter between the flag stick and the edge of the hole. This action can create damage to the hole edges, requiring extra repair and maintenance work by the green keeping team not to mention the need to move the hole around the green more frequently.

PickCup, is easy to install and has a soft flexible edge to protect the grass around the hole and easily fits onto any flag stick

Key Features

  • Each Box Contains 20 pieces
  • Easy to install, retro fit at any golf club
  • Fits existing flag stick sizes
  • Soft Edge to protect hole
  • Less pin replacements
  • No bending over to retrieve ball
  • Patent pending